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At the top of our corporate infrastrucure is our Board of Directors. We include here only the Chairman and our CEO. 

Board of Directors

Jamie McAlpine - Chairman 


Jamie McAlpine is a seasoned emerging markets investor. Fluent in Chinese, he has operated an impact investment fund for the last 5 years based out of London. He is also board member of charitable foundation The Umbrella Tree. Jamie is a proactive investor, playing a key role in the financial management of the company.



Rocco Falconer – Chief Executive Officer


Rocco Falconer has operated in West Africa since 2008. He set up Planting Promise in Sierra Leone, founding it and building it into an organisation educating 1,000 disadvantaged students with farming and factory operations. He has extensive experience in West Africa encompassing management, agriculture, social development, fundraising and business strategy. He has run operations across all segments of our business including plantation establishment and management, processing facilities, and trading operations.


He has run WAA in Sierra Leone since inception. 

Executive Team

Godfrey Archer – Liaison Officer


Born and raised in Sierra Leone, Godfrey is crucial to WAA’s ability to be successful. His close relations with the people in the local communities, his deep understanding of all areas of our community and how the development of the company and the community can thrive together, ensure that our business development is consisten with our values.

Visuvanathan Navaratnam – Estates Manager


Visu is a Malaysian National. He has over 30 years experience in agriculture, and over 25 years in oil palm. He has worked in some of the most high profile companies in South East Asia and is responsible for training across the company as well as estates.


Vithiapathy Kumaran – Financial Controller


Vithiapathy is a Malaysian national who trained at KLK Berhad, one of the largest planting groups in the world. He has over 15 years’ experience building and managing accounting systems for effective plantation management across the world. He has been with WAA since 2012 and is responsible for managing our world class accounting practices.

Our Team

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