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West African Agribusiness Ltd

West African Agribusess Ltd is a commercial agribusiness company committed to the ethical and sustainable production of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) in Sierra Leone. Founded in 2012, WAA’s management team uses its extensive knowledge of agribusiness in West Africa to strive for both financial success and social impact.

We are dedicated to local development and agricultural efficiency. Backed by European investors, we have set our sights on being a leading West African agricultural producer with a focus on edible oils.

Trading Activities
About us

West African Agribusiness currently has 855 hectares planted with oil palm, a further 65,000 seedlings in our oil palm nursery, a test farm trialling a range of sustainable food crops, and a palm oil mill that buys fruits from local smallholders, and turns those fruits into edible oil which is sold into the local market. We also trade food commodities, edible oils and agro-inputs, recognising that the trade of goods and services from West Africa to the rest of the world is already a significant business, and one that is set only to grow in the coming years.

We are committed to being a leading West African producer and trader of agri-products, and have a deep commitment to ensuring successful environmental stewardship and positive social impact from all of our business activities.

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